Flu shot

The annual flu shot

Protect yourself against the flu

There is a vaccination against the flu. The vaccination stimulates the body to produce antibodies against the flu virus, reducing the likelihood of getting the flu. If you still contract the flu after the shot, the illness is likely to be less severe, and the risk of serious consequences is reduced. If you already have the flu, the vaccination will not help at that moment.

The flu shot only protects against the flu virus. People who have received the flu shot are not protected against other viruses, such as the one that causes the common cold or the coronavirus.

Am I eligible for a flu shot?

People from risk groups can get the flu shot for free from their family doctor. Healthcare workers also qualify for the free flu shot.

When will I get the flu shot?

The flu is most common between December and March. After you have received the flu shot, it takes 2 weeks for your body to produce enough antibodies to protect you. Therefore, it is best to get the flu shot between mid-October and the end of November. The antibodies your body produces after the flu shot usually provide protection for about six months. That’s why it is wise to get the flu shot again every year.

Protect yourself from the flu. 

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