FAQ's energy surcharge

Are there requirements that you have to meet to get the supplement?

Yes. To get this supplement, you need to meet a few requirements:

  • You must be registered on Bonaire.
  • You cannot have more than a certain amount of income. The exact amount depends on your personal situation.

Click here to see if you are eligible.

Will I get the 1300 dollars deposited into my bank account?

No. The Society and Care Directorate will deposit the 1300 dollars into WEB's account. You will then have a 1300 dollars credit with WEB with which you can pay your bills. This is provided you have no outstanding debt with WEB. WEB keeps track of how much electricity you use every month. Your monthly amount is then deducted from the 1300 dollars until that money runs out. When the money does run out, you will resume your own payments again.

I have an outstanding debt with WEB. What will happen if I get the 1300 dollars?

In such cases WEB will deduct the amount you owe from the 1300 dollars. Suppose, for example, you have a debt of 400 dollars. The 400 dollars will be subtracted from the 1300 dollars. You will then be left with a balance of 900 dollars (1300 dollars minus 400 dollars).

I have been cut off from power. Will the 40 dollars reconnection fee be deducted from the 1300 dollars?

Yes. The 40 dollars reconnection fee will be deducted from the 1300 dollars. If the power has been cut off at your home, it also means that you have an outstanding debt with WEB. That debt will also be deducted from the 1300 dollars.