One-time compensation for taxi, tour and car rental companies

What does this one-time compensation by the Public Entity of Bonaire entail?

On Bonaire, car-rental companies, taxi companies and tourist tour companies faced a significant drop in revenue since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the proportionally larger reduction of income when tourism stood still, these companies are faced with fixed costs as well as depreciation of assets, while being unable to find other ways to generate income with these assets. This is the reason why a one-time compensation is offered to these companies.

For whom is this one-time compensation intended?

It is intended for licensed and registered car rental companies, taxi companies and on-road tourist tour companies.

How much is the one-time compensation?

The one-time compensation is an amount of US$100 per registered vehicle for a company with the purpose: 'car rental company' or 'tour company', or an amount of US$100 per registered taxi (where the driver has a valid permit for the taxi service).

Important conditions to be eligible for the one-time compensation:

➔ The applicant must be a resident of Bonaire (registered and residing on Bonaire);

➔ The Company must have been established on Bonaire before 1 March, 2020;

➔ The applicant must be registered at the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce;

➔The motor vehicle tax (motorrijtuigenbelasting) 2020 is paid in full;

➔For a taxi service: the main driver must also be the main license holder and have a valid or a last-received permit and/or official approval;

➔ For car rental companies: the applicant must demonstrate that the car rental tax for the year 2020 has been paid and must enclose a copy of the last 3 payments in 2021;

➔ This one-time compensation may only be requested for a registered company vehicle, or registered company vehicles that are recorded in the administration of the Public Entity of Bonaire.

Application period and processing of applications

You may apply for the one-time compensation up to and including 10 October, 2021. You may do so in the following ways:

1) Download the application form, complete it and then send a scanned copy by email accompanied by the requested verification documents and attachments to or;

2) Download the application form, complete it and hand it in, in person, together with the requested verification documents and attachments, from Monday to Friday 8-11 AM at the offices of Samenleving & Zorg at Kaya Neerlandia 41.

Please note:

The application must be complete and include the required supporting documents and attachments.
Incomplete applications will not qualify.

Still have questions or need help with the application?

Send an email to: Or make an appointment via: Phone: +(599)715 5311

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an email from confirming that your application has been received. If there are any additional questions, we will contact you from that email address.

The processing time for your application is a maximum of eight weeks after the date of application receipt.