Shame – Understanding

In part 4 of Bèrgwensa, you can see how Oscar's mother comes to an understanding. She sees the effect her behaviour has on Oscar. It is not her intention to make him feel sad. She promises, like her daughter, that from now on she will think more carefully about what she says. She is also going to spend more time with her family. Watch part 4 of Bèrgwensa here. <insert link>

My name is Gera

We asked Akseso how they deal with situations like Gera's. They regularly come across situations where people do want a solution. But they do not know how to reach it. It is important that the residents of Bonaire receive better assistance and faster. The sooner we enter into discussions, the less the damages are to all parties.

“It is often difficult to start a conversation with all the mounting emotions. Through mediation we assist the parties in keeping the big picture in mind, and thus engage in a solution-oriented conversation," according to a social worker at Akseso.

Sentro Akseso Boneiru is the organisation for social assistance on Bonaire. Sentro Akseso combines the services of a number of existing organisations like the Centre for Youth and Family, the Social District Team, the Advice and Reporting Centre for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Guiami, Social Support, and Youth Healthcare.

Akseso can also be of assistance in the form of mediation in cases where there is a need for access arrangements and issues with the partners.


In the event of any form of violence or suspected violence, you can contact:

Guiami, the Advice and Reporting Centre for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
Tel. 0802 0802