Repeat vaccination against coronavirus

Since October 15th 2022, an updated repeat vaccination against coronavirus will be available, which offers even better protection against the Omicron variant. Experts expect a new wave of coronavirus cases when large numbers of visitors will come to the island. The repeat vaccination should reduce the risk of infection and reduce the risk that people may continue to have health problems long after an infection. This is also called long COVID.

The elderly are vulnerable. Over time the protection offered by the coronavirus vaccination decreases more quickly for the elderly than it does for younger people. If the elderly become infected, they are more likely to become seriously ill and require hospitalization. The Public Health Department advises friends and family of the elderly to be vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine. In this way they can protect the elderly people in their midst.

When many people are infected fewer people go to work. This may have consequences for companies, the hospitality industry, gyms etc. The pressure on health care may also increase. To prevent this, it is important that vulnerable people such as those with obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure have the repeat vaccination. And also that healthy people have the repeat vaccination to protect themselves and others.